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We have been running a school for special needs with facilities for Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Multi sensory room, vocational training in Snehalaya since Aug. 2006.
As you may be aware that Snehalaya has been started as a care home for disabled and destitute children, homeless women and the aged where they live together as a family.

It has a school and a health centre on site to provide education and health care to the residents there as well to the people in surrounding villages.
It is spread out in 25 acres of land with its own gardens, farms, orchards, sports and play fields as well a Gaushala (Cow shed), a small poultry and bird house.
It also has facilities for hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, yoga, meditation, multi-sensory room and more.

We have been working to help and care for these children with love living in family environment details on

We provide them with food, home, clothes, education, health care and vocational training to these children, mostly orphans and severally disabled,
resident in Snehalaya as well for those from local community aiming to make them independent.
We run a respite and day care programme too, which is open for any one from any where in the World for any duration as required.

At present we have 65 children resident in Snehalaya, mostly with multiple disabilities including mental, physical, cerebral palsy, autism, blindness,
hearing and speech difficulties, learning disabilities and or chronic diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Epilepsy etc.

We aim to make them independent as much possible giving them an opportunity to lead a life with love, dignity and self esteem.


Now Snehalaya International Public School has been initiated in July 2011 in Snehalaya Campus as a main stream School for Children Esp. Girls from Surrounding Village.
It is another mile stone achieved added to our ongoing work in Snehalaya.

This is perhaps only school in India, which will provide modern education as well Gurukul Vedic education, in English medium as well vocational training to these children preparing them for CBSE Cambridge Board Exams. making them eligible for higher education and admission to any university in India or abroad.
The School has Residential Facilities as well day boarder or day scholar programme with availability of transport facilities too if required.

The eligible poor girls will be provided with everything for free incl. books, uniforms, education health care as well Rs. 10 Per day for attending the school
helping to make them independent, empowered with knowledge and training. This will help them get out of life of oppression, which they have to undergo otherwise.
Those who are eligible and need, they will be provided support for their higher education and employment on completion of their School Education.

This school is planned to be unique, where children are provided with Modern Education as well Vedic, Geeta Gurukul education with emphasis on learning of Indian Culture. Yoga and meditation with other activities are integral part of education for total holistic development of these children here.

We have eminent teachers and educationists from India and abroad esp. from U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia for educating our children,

The School will have all modern amenities with play, sports, computer skills, horse riding, yoga, meditation etc.
It has been started with facilities for a residential, day hostlers and day Scholar Students for their holistic development with Professional Scientific approach
living studying in Pollution free environment.


Snehalaya International Public School at a Glance